Family to the Rescue is a reality tv show that originated from a non-profit organization on Long Island, Rescuing Families, Inc. It is a show trying to make a positive difference in people’s lives through home renovations shedding light on the different challenges that are faced by people with disabilities & financial hardships. The founders of the show are a Long Island based family of licensed contractors looking to make a difference in our community and hopefully, will expand further.. Their mission is to help others understand that there are families in our communities that are struggling and desperately need help. This is an issue that is close to their hearts as their own families have faced the very same challenges. It’s important to let the struggling families know that there are other families out there that want to help; the founders of this show are one of them…..


Gina Centauro- Gina is a master carpenter, interior and landscape designer, artist, and small business owner. She’s your everyday girl looking to make home life better for people like her sister whose struggling with disabilities & financial hardships. Gina wants to be the voice for the people that aren't being heard. She believes too many people are living in homes that are like prisons for them, adding to their struggles instead of having a place to retreat and find peace. It is her hope to help as many people as she can live happy, comfortable, peaceful lives in their home.

Vinny Centauro- At ten, Vinny discovered his love for wood work by building tree houses for kids in the community with his grandfather.  At fifteen, he was working for contractors learning the trade as an apprentice. In his early 20s, Vinny had to see his late father, a Vietnam Vet,  deal with the everyday struggles from ataxia (neurological disorder similar to MS).  Wanting to do more, he became an EMT for the FDNY for many years. Later on, Vinny returned to his other passion and became a licensed contractor and shortly after started a contracting business with his wife, Gina. After deciding to combine building homes and helping families in need, Vinny soon founded their charity Rescuing Families, Inc. & created Family to the Rescue with his wife. 

Michael Cantone- Michael is one of the Board Members to Rescuing Families, Inc.. He is a carpenter with six years experience, a resident comedian and artist/illustrator. He is Gina’s younger brother who was more than happy to help them with this dream. He is a teacher and art instructor who teaches children with developmental disabilities. Michael’s goal with FTR is to ensure that every family that lives with disabilities and/or financial hardship gets the home they deserve and can feel comfortable and safe in it.

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